5 Conditions To Visit A Maternity Hospital

5 Conditions To Visit A Maternity Hospital


During pregnancy, you need to be very careful about many things and conditions including things you eat, and do or even the kind of environment you're in. You need proper medical check-ups and care given by specialists to keep track of your and the baby's health.


Although most pregnancies go through without any problems it is advised to visit the best maternity hospital in Siliguri to get an early diagnosis of any problems you might face. Pregnancy can come with many challenges and the doctors in a maternity hospital provide expert advice to help you through it.


You need to regularly visit a maternity health care provider as they provide regular check-ups, advice, diagnosis, and treatments for any conditions that might arise. Some pregnancies can have risks involved due to certain conditions and a maternity hospital can help you treat those conditions without harming the baby.


Given below are the 5 conditions to visit a maternity hospital:


Bleeding and Spotting


Although bleeding during pregnancy is quite common, especially during the first trimester excessive bleeding accompanied by cramps can indicate a miscarriage. On average about 25% of women experience bleeding or spotting during the first few weeks and more than half of them have a healthy pregnancy. It can also happen due to some other reasons but it is best to be careful and visit your doctor.


Severe Headaches and Fever


Severe and persistent headaches accompanied by dizziness or blurred vision can be harmful and can be caused by dehydration. Having a fever can pose a great threat to the baby's health as the development of the baby depends on the body maintain a healthy temperature. Although during later months higher temperatures usually don’t affect the baby it can be a sign of infections.


Painful Urination


Although frequent bathroom trips during pregnancy can be very common pain during urination isn’t. It could be a symptom of bladder infection which can cause problems and make pregnancy more uncomfortable. This could lead to infections in the uterus and cause conditions like low birth weight.


Lack of fetal movement


In the later part of the pregnancy, the baby's movement needs to be tracked by doing a kick count. As less or no movement can mean that there is some complication with the pregnancy. Keep a check on how much movement the baby getting and if you don’t feel movements for a certain amount of time pay a visit to your doctor.


Pelvic Pain


Although a small amount of pelvic pain is common in pregnancy severe and persistent pain is not. If the pain in the pelvis area doesn't subside after some time you need to quickly call or visit your doctor as this could be a sign of a condition.  


Visit the best maternity hospital in Siliguri if you feel any of these symptoms or have any problems with your pregnancy. A good hospital provides medical specialists that help you get good treatments and expert advice on how to have a healthy pregnancy.

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