How To Prevent Common Pregnancy Complications?

How To Prevent Common Pregnancy Complications?


A pregnancy complication is any disease or condition that causes affects or causes problems in a woman’s pregnancy. These complications are medical conditions that can affect the health of the unborn baby or the mother. Although normally most pregnancies are healthy some can develop conditions that can lead to complications.


For any type of complication, it is vital to visit the best maternity hospital in Siliguri as early diagnosis and treatments can increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy. Regular prenatal care is also vital for a healthy baby as doctors can detect problems early which can reduce the chances of serious complications.


About 8% of all pregnancies result in complications that can harm the mother or the baby. Although some pregnancy complications don’t have any causes and cannot be prevented, some factors can lower your risk of pregnancy complications. Those factors include:


  • Keeping a healthy lifestyle throughout the whole pregnancy including eating nutritious food and exercising
  • Quitting smoking or any other harmful habits and staying away from alcohol
  • Being healthy before pregnancy
  • Getting the best prenatal care
  • Reducing stress levels by getting plenty of rest during pregnancy
  • Managing pre-existing health conditions and reaching a healthier weight
  • Keeping a close eye on symptoms of pregnancy complications


Given below are prevention of some of the most common pregnancy complications:


  • Gestational Diabetes – is the kind of diabetes that develops during pregnancy that prevents the body from breaking down sugar. It can cause many complications including premature birth and its prevention includes achieving a healthy weight.   


  • Anemia – is a condition where the body has a lower number of red blood cells causing fatigue weakness and pale skin. It can be caused by iron deficiency and can be prevented by having a diet rich in folic acid and iron and taking supplements.



  • Infections – can have serious consequences during pregnancy as they can complicate it. It can be prevented by getting tested, avoiding certain foods, and staying careful.


  • High Blood Pressure – is a common heart condition that causes damage to the blood vessels and increases risks of preterm delivery and low birth weight. It can be prevented with a healthy weight and a healthy diet.


  • Placenta Previa – is the condition where the placenta attaches to the uterus partially or covers the cervix. Although it cannot be prevented getting regular prenatal checkups can help keep the pregnancy healthy.


To keep your pregnancy healthy, get the best prenatal care, and diagnose complications early you need to visit the best maternity hospital in Siliguri. A good hospital provides the best facilities with highly experienced doctors to help prevent, diagnose and treat pregnancy complications.

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