How To Reduce The Risk Of Pregnancy Loss

How To Reduce The Risk Of Pregnancy Loss


Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for everyone but it includes lots of risks. Many specific things and conditions can increase the chance of complications. Although the chance of your pregnancy having any kind of complication is low the chance of it happening is still there. It is much better to be prepared and take all the necessary steps and care to avoid having problems during pregnancy. You might face some common pregnancy problems and still have a perfect pregnancy but putting some extra care and effort while you're pregnant can help keep you and your baby healthy.


While pregnant you should always keep your body in check for changes and have regular visits with your doctors. You should read up on things you should and shouldn’t do and follow those instructions given that it comes from a reliable source. If you face any pregnancy or health problems you should immediately visit and consult with the best maternity hospital in Siliguri.



Pregnancy loss is the loss of an unborn baby at any time of the pregnancy and it can occur in as many as 1 in 4 pregnancies. Most pregnancy losses commonly happen during the first trimester of pregnancy (which is 0 to 13 weeks) and sometimes it can happen even before the mother is aware of the pregnancy. With good maternity care and regular visits, many complications can be avoided or treated. It includes many conditions, some of which are as follows:


  • Miscarriage – This is a quite common condition that occurs in about 15 to 25% of all pregnancies in India. Also called spontaneous abortion miscarriage is when the mother losses the baby before 13 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Embryonic Pregnancy – It is when the egg gets fertilized but never fully develops or stops developing and occurs when the gestational sac develops without an embryo.
  • Stillbirth – Is the death of the baby in the uterus after 20 weeks of pregnancy and can happen due to unknown reasons in 1 out of 3 cases. The remaining are commonly caused by problems with the umbilical cord, high blood pressure, infections, defects, or lifestyle choices.




Many things can put you at risk of pregnancy loss or any kind of pregnancy complication. Although pregnancy loss is mostly a one-time event and anyone with an early pregnancy loss with an unknown cause has a good chance of a healthy pregnancy later. Some of the things that make pregnancy more likely include age, having a pregnancy loss in the past, smoking, drinking, drugs, being over or underweight, and some other stuff. You need to stop doing any of this stuff and visit a good doctor to keep the baby and yourself healthy.


There aren’t many precautions you can take to avoid a pregnancy loss but regular checkups and consultations at the best maternity hospital in Siliguri do raise your chances of having a normal pregnancy by a lot. Some easy precautions to take include staying clean, quitting any harmful habits, maintaining a healthy weight, regular prenatal care, and treating chronic health problems.

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