5 Issues You Must Discuss With Your Gynaecologist

5 Issues You Must Discuss With Your Gynaecologist


The reproductive system is the most essential part of a woman’s body since it helps in the production of sex hormones and gametes, which also maintains the fertilization of eggs for a successful pregnancy. However, at a certain point in time, most women may experience some reproductive problems. 

If you’re experiencing any symptoms of reproductive disorders then you must seek the guidance of a gynecologist in Siliguri. A gynecologist will help in diagnosing and treating the issues related to female reproductive organs including ovaries, breasts, uterus, and fallopian tubes. 

Here are some of the important reproductive health issues that you must discuss with the gynecologist in your next appointment. 

1. Painful And Irregular Periods 

If you’re suffering from menstrual issues such as heavy, skipped, or irregular periods then you must convey it to the gynecologist. Improper menstrual patterns can be influenced by various reproductive health complications such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, thyroid issues, and fibroids. 

If these underlying conditions are left untreated then it may lead to infertility and poor quality of life. After diagnosing the condition leading to menstrual issues, the doctor may recommend fertility treatments, medications, or lifestyle improvements. 

2. Vaginal Odor

You may notice changes in vaginal odor throughout the menstrual cycle or after intercourse. However, if the smell or unusual or strong then it can be caused by certain diseases which must be reported to the gynecologist. 

Some of the common causes include poor hygiene, bacterial vaginosis, and trichomoniasis. In some rare cases, it can also result from vaginal cancer, rectovaginal fistula, or cervical cancer. The doctor may prescribe you some antibiotics to treat the underlying condition. 

3. Inability To Conceive 

If you’re unable to get pregnant after trying for a longer period then you must consult with your gynecologist. This symptom can be a result of female infertility caused due to various reproductive conditions. 

Cervical or uterine abnormalities, ovulation disorders, endometriosis, pelvic adhesions, fallopian tube damage, primary ovarian insufficiency, and other reproductive organ cancers can cause female infertility. You can visit the best gynecologist hospital in Siliguri for availing effective fertility treatments. 

4. Abnormal Bumps Or Swelling 

You must discuss with the gynecologist if you’re experiencing any abnormal swelling and bumps in the vagina. The most common causes that lead to vaginal swelling are pregnancy, edema, genital herpes, yeast infection, and allergy. 

Additionally, bumps or lumps in the vulva or vagina are mostly caused by genital warts, varicosities, vaginal cysts, or vulvar cysts. Based on the underlying condition, the doctor may recommend medications or hygiene measures such as the usage of cotton undergarments and taking warm baths. 

5. Chronic Pelvic Pain 

Chronic pelvic pain between the hips and in the lower area of the belly button is a common symptom of another disease. Pelvic inflammatory disease, bladder syndrome, pelvic congestion, fibroids, or ovarian remnant can lead to pelvic pain which needs to be diagnosed and treated by a gynecologist. 

Any of these symptoms need to be discussed with a qualified gynecologist in Siliguri for early recovery and to reduce the risks of infertility. The gynecologist will be prescribing you the best therapy surgical interventions, and tumor treatment to prevent reproductive disorders. 

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