7 Lifestyle Changes To Avoid A High-Risk Pregnancy

7 Lifestyle Changes To Avoid A High-Risk Pregnancy


Most pregnancies carry some sort of risk whether it be minimal or sometimes life-threatening. This is why specialized care is necessary during and after pregnancy to reduce the chances of severe complications and health issues for the baby. Apart from prenatal care and medications, maintaining a healthy lifestyle plays a significant role in preventing high-risk pregnancy. 

Even after following a proper and healthy routine, if you experience any early signs of high-risk pregnancy then it is essential to visit a gynaecological nursing home in Siliguri. The high-risk pregnancy expert there will help you to determine the causes behind the complications and offer you a personalized treatment plan to experience a healthy pregnancy period. 

Here are some of the lifestyle changes that you can adopt to avoid a high-risk pregnancy. 

1. Quit Smoking

The first lifestyle change that you must adopt is to quit smoking before conceiving. This is because women who smoke regularly have a higher risk of developing several pregnancy issues including premature labour, miscarriage, and low birth weight. It is also recommended to avoid secondhand smoke during pregnancy to ensure the proper health condition of the baby. 

2. Avoid Alcohol Consumption 

It is also recommended to limit or stop the consumption of alcohol if you’re planning a pregnancy. This will help in ensuring minimal health risks exposed to the baby. The chances of low birth weight and premature birth can be reduced with it, which also decreases the chances of experiencing a high-risk pregnancy. 

3. Manage Pre-existing Complications 

Pre-existing conditions such as obesity, PCOS, COVID-19, high blood pressure, diabetes, and thyroid are the main culprits behind a high-risk pregnancy. This makes it highly important to manage these conditions with medications before conceiving. You can also consult a feto expert in Siliguri to get the best prenatal care for a stable pregnancy.

4. Indulge In A Healthy Diet 

Indulging in a healthy diet plays a significant role in avoiding a high-risk pregnancy. To make the pregnancy period healthier and complication-free, you must include legumes, dairy products, eggs, whole grains, berries, and dried fruits in your diet. It is also advisable to avoid foods with high sugar content and trans fat. 

5. Maintain Healthy Body Weight 

Obesity is another major factor that can lead you to high-risk pregnancy by increasing the chances of gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, stillbirth, and preeclampsia. To reduce the risk of these complications, you must maintain a healthy body weight by indulging in a proper exercise regimen and a healthy diet. 

6. Take Prenatal Supplements 

Another lifestyle change that you must adopt is to schedule regular prenatal appointments with the doctor and take the prenatal supplements timely. This will help in providing the essential nutrients to the baby which reduces the chances of anaemia and other complications. Some of the important supplements include calcium, iron, folic acid, and protein. 

7. Reduce Stress 

During pregnancy, it also becomes essential to manage stress and reduce several pregnancy complications such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and preterm birth. Some of the lifestyle changes that can reduce stress are enhancing sleep quality, meditating, eating right, and discovering the triggers. 

Apart from lifestyle changes, the high-risk pregnancy expert in Siliguri can also recommend undergoing regular blood pressure monitoring, fetal evaluation, and ultrasound to reduce the chances of health risks to the baby and you. In most cases, a C-section is performed by the doctor during high-risk pregnancies. 




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