Best Obstetrician For Your Prenatal Care

Best Obstetrician For Your Prenatal Care


Prenatal care is one of the best medical care for women who got pregnant. In simple words, when you get checkups from a doctor, nurse, or midwife during your pregnancy, it's called prenatal care. Remember, prenatal care is important as it helps to keep your future baby healthy.

Here, the obstetricians play an important part as they are the specialized physician who cares during pregnancy, labor, and after childbirth. If you suspect you are pregnant, consult your best obstetrician in Siliguri today to minimize the risk of pregnancy and childbirth complications.

You can schedule your first prenatal appointment if you are a minimum of eight weeks into pregnancy. At the prenatal visit, your obstetrician doctor will review your medical history and perform a physical exam along with blood tests and urine tests.

You can schedule your prenatal visits up to week 28, at least one prenatal visit per month, and thereafter, from weeks 28 to 36, a minimum of one prenatal visit every 2 weeks and from week 36 to 40, and one prenatal visit every week of a month.

Why You Need Prenatal Care?

Prenatal care is important for your healthy pregnancy and on the flip side, it helps to minimize any risks of pregnancy complications and childbirth issues. When you go for checkups, your obstetrician in Siliguri will monitor your future baby’s health and perform routine tests to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Usually, obstetricians are known as OB/GYN and are also medically known as high-risk doctors who provide surgical care to women during their normal and high-risk pregnancies. A high-risk pregnancy involves increased health risks for the pregnant woman, unborn baby, or both.

This often occurs if you're over 35 or under 17 and pregnant. It causes if you have any chronic health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Apart from that, smoking, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and pregnancy-related health conditions are also caused high-risk pregnancies.

How Does An Obstetrician Will Help You?

Your obstetrician doctor also helps you in the following conditions:

  • If you have any chronic health condition
  • Your maternal age is more than 35
  • If you have multiple babies
  • You have a non-healthy lifestyle
  • Uncertain pregnancy complications 
  • A history of miscarriage
  • If requires a cesarean delivery

How To Avoid Pregnancy Risks?

Many women are facing problems during high-risk pregnancy periods. To avoid this situation, you can consult your expert obstetrician in Siliguriand simply follow up on these tips:

  • If possible avoid drugs and alcohol and quit smoking
  • Maintain a healthy body weight before getting pregnant
  • Manage if you have any pre-existing health conditions
  • Ask your doctor before taking medications during pregnancy
  • Try to plan pregnancy between the ages of 25 to 30
  • It's good for you if you practice safe sex
  • Don't forget to consult your doctor about your medical history

Apart from pregnancy issues, if you face problems regarding reproductive health, you can also visit your healthcare provider to take guidance to avoid pregnancy complications.

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