Bloody Vaginal Discharge Causes and Cures

Causes & Treatments of Bloody Vaginal Discharge


In most cases, vaginal discharge is not concerning, until you spot something unusual in it. Vaginal discharge looks whitish, and its consistency is sticky to watery. Now what is found to be abnormal is when you see bloody vaginal release outside your menstrual cycle. Yes, it can be alarming, at the same time, it can be a minor health concern as well. So, it’d be great if you simply consult a gynecologist to evaluate the underlying health condition.

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Causes & Treatments of Bloody Vaginal Discharge

We’ve categorized the causes of bloody vaginal discharge into 3 sections.

  • Periodical Causes


  1. Due to menstruation: When your period is over, the continual release of blood naturally stops. But still, after your period you can see the bloody discharge to some extent. This is usually the menstrual surplus that intermixes with vaginal discharge.
  2. During Pregnancy:  A few women can experience vaginal bleeding during their first trimester. While it’s normal to have in this period, contrarily the concerning factors may include- Miscarriage
    1. Preterm labor
    2. Issues with the cervix
    3. Issues with placenta
    4. Ectopic pregnancy


  1. Age: prior to puberty girls often undergo bloody vaginal release in their life. Similarly, women coming closer to their menopause may experience heavy vaginal bleeding too. Therefore, one should go and visit her gynecologist to manage certain complications.


  • Causes related to Infections
    1. Bacterial and Fungal Infection: Women are more vulnerable to get affected by types of viruses, bacteria, and fungus. That may lead to infectious growth in the vagina and later on, they end up releasing abnormal vaginal discharge. Additionally, sexually transmitted diseases are highly responsible for unusual vaginal discharge including other serious problems.
  • Cancer
    1. Endometrial Cancer: This type of cancer affects the endometrium (the lining of the uterus). It may lead to bloody vaginal discharge and can be a sign of cancer.
    2. Cervical Cancer: Cancer that takes place in the tissues of the cervix, the lower section of the womb called cervical cancer. Cervix associates the uterus with the vagina. Problems in the cervix potentially cause abnormal rather bloody discharge.


Treatment & Care

In order to treat vaginal bleeding, you should immediately see a gynecologist. Upon examining your health with diagnostic procedures like-

  • Pelvic Exam
  • Pap Smear
  • Ultrasound
  • Biopsy (vagina and uterus sampling)

Your doctor will map out your treatment.

Available treatments for bloody vaginal discharge are-

  • Antibiotics (to cure STDs)
  • Vaccination (HPV vaccination)
  • Change of medication (birth control pills)
  • Radiation or Surgery (to combat cancerous growth)

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