Breast Health: How Lifestyle Improvements Can Lead To Positive Results

Breast Health: How Lifestyle Improvements Can Lead To Positive Results


Any growth of cancerous cells in the tissues of your breast can lead to breast cancer. The screening and treatment advancements for breast cancer can cure this issue completely only if it is detected at an early stage. This is why one must be well aware of breast health factors so that one can detect the early signs of cancer effectively. If you experience any symptoms of breast cancer then it is always recommended to contact the best gynecologist in Siliguri immediately

Breast cancer awareness can be a major step that can reduce the mortality rates for this type of cancer. Some of the common signs of breast cancer that you must never ignore are changes in the appearance or size of the breast, flattened nipples, a thick area of a lump in the breast tissues, and colour changes. 

Given below are some of the lifestyle improvements that can help you ensure breast health. 

1. Stay physically active

One of the most effective lifestyle changes that can ensure breast health is to stay physically active. Physical fitness not only reduces the risk of breast cancer but also ensures your overall well-being. You can indulge in moderate cardiovascular or strength exercises focusing on the upper part of the body can help you minimize the chances of this cancer. 

2. Limit hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

Most women undergo HRT after menopause to get relief from its distressing symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance. However, long-term and recurrent use of these hormones can increase the chances of breast cancer. This is why it is always recommended to avoid or limit the usage of this therapy after reaching the menopausal stage. 

3. Quit smoking and excessive alcohol consumption

Smoking tobacco as well as second-hand smoke can increase the risks of breast cancer. If you have a history of smoking then the gynae doctor in Siliguri will recommend smoking cessation to ensure breast health. Additionally, it is also important to stay away from alcohol or limit the consumption to no more than one drink in a day. 

4. Maintain healthy weight 

Body fat and weight are the most important factors that can promote breast health. Women who have a high percentage of body fat also tend to have increased levels of estrogen and this hormonal imbalance can cause breast cancer. To reduce this risk, you have to maintain a proper body mass index which can be done by indulging in regular exercise and following a balanced diet with the required calorie intake.

5. Schedule regular breast examinations

Early detection and intervention of breast cancer can increase the probability of overall recovery. This can be achieved by scheduling routine breast examinations which include mammograms and breast self-exam. This will help you to detect any breast changes that may signal a serious health condition. You can schedule the breast examinations every 2 years to look for any abnormalities.

6. Wear supportive innerwear 

To decrease the chances of breast cancer, it is always essential to ensure breast health while maintaining its shape. In order to maintain the breast shape, it is highly recommended to wear a supportive bra daily, especially during physical activities. You can also avoid wearing an underwire bra always since it can obstruct the normal lymph flow.

7. Continue breastfeeding  

Another lifestyle improvement that can help you prevent breast cancer is to breastfeed if you have a baby. The protective effect towards the cancer lasts as long as you breastfeed. It is recommended that you continue breastfeeding the baby for around 2 years to ensure proper breast health. 

You must also be aware of your family history regarding breast cancer because if you’re at higher risk of developing it then the gynae doctor in Siliguri will recommend frequent mammograms and genetic counselling. The doctor can also prescribe certain medications and reduce the intake of birth control pills to aid breast health. 

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