Causes And Treatments Of Cervical Cancer

Causes And Treatments Of Cervical Cancer


Cancer is a common but serious disease that causes abnormal and uncontrollable growth of cells in the body that can spread to other parts and organs. A cancer that starts on the surface of the cervix is called cervical cancer and the cervix is a cylinder connecting a woman’s uterus to her vagina. It occurs when the cells on the cervix start to change into precancerous cells.


You can visit the best gynecologist in Siliguri once or twice a year to get check-ups and screening that help catch gynecological problems early which makes treatments more effective. Early diagnosis and treatment can be extremely beneficial for cervical cancer as finding the problematic cells and treating them can help prevent this problem. 


Cervical cancer can have many causes including various strains of human papillomavirus or HPV which is a sexually transmitted infection. At early stages, this cancer commonly does not show any symptoms and can be hard to detect. In most cases, it can only be detected using cancer screenings during regular check-ups as early symptoms can take years to develop.


Some of the common signs and symptoms of advanced cervical cancer to look out for advised by the best gynecologist hospital in Siliguri include:


  • Vaginal bleeding after menopause
  • General feelings of illness
  • Fatigue loss of weight and appetite 
  • Persistent abdominal or pelvic pain 
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Pain during urination 
  • Watery or bloody discharge from the vagina 
  • Foul smelling vaginal flow
  • Blood in the urine  
  • Constant diarrhea or pain and bleeding from the rectum
  • Swelling in the legs or backaches  


This cancer is the fourth most frequent cancer that occurs in women and as mentioned before commonly this cancer is caused by the HPV virus which is a sexually transmitted infection. Many women get HPV but don’t realize it as their bodies fight the infection however in cases the body does not fight the infection it can make the cells cancerous. 


Treatments of cancer can depend on factors like the stage of cancer and health problems and early-stage cancer can be treated using surgery. Other treatments for this condition include radiation which uses high-powered beams to kill the cancer, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and others.


If you have any lasting symptoms or signs of cervical cancer you need to immediately visit the best gynecologist in Siliguri to get a good diagnosis and checkup. Gynecologists help provide quality treatments and expert medical care and counseling for numerous gynecological problems. 

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