The Role Of A Obstetrician During Pregnancy

The Role Of A Obstetrician During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages of a woman’s life where offspring develops inside the uterus or mother’s womb. However, proper prenatal and fetal care is essential during pregnancy to reduce health complications for the mother and the baby.

To get proper guidance regarding pregnancy-related care, you must consult with an experienced obstetrician in Siliguri. Obstetricians are the healthcare professionals who treat pregnancy complications, and high-risk pregnancies while providing effective care during and after delivery. 

Here are some of the important roles that are played by the obstetrician during pregnancy. 

  • Conducts Prenatal Screenings 

One of the major roles of obstetricians is to conduct necessary lab tests, prenatal screenings, and exams during pregnancy to determine the health condition of the mother and the fetus. 

Some of the tests include glucose tolerance tests, urinalysis, complete blood count, quad screenings, ultrasound, and Pap smear. The doctor may also conduct a breast or pelvic exam, and Transvaginal ultrasound if necessary. 

  • Handles High-Risk Pregnancies 

Obstetricians are experts in treating women during high-risk pregnancies while providing proper postpartum care plans. The major reasons that are associated with high-risk pregnancy include multiple babies, chronic health conditions, advanced age, previous miscarriage, and pregnancy-related complications. 

The health specialist will help in controlling all these health issues for the successful delivery of a healthy baby. You can visit a reputed gynecologist hospital in Siliguri to get expert guidance during pregnancy. 

  • Monitors Pregnancy And Fetus Condition 

Obstetrician uses various diagnostic tools for monitoring your pregnancy including Ultrasonography, urinalysis, and blood tests. It also helps in evaluating the position, size, growth, and health condition of the baby inside the uterus. 

These specialists are also responsible for detecting any form of health complications or congenital abnormalities of the fetus for early diagnosis. Genetic screening is also done to detect any genetic or chromosomal anomalies. 

  • Manages Pregnancy Related Surgeries And Delivery 

Obstetricians are qualified professionals who effectively manage both vaginal and cesarean deliveries as well as labor. They are also trained to handle any form of emergency during delivery, prescribing medications, and labor induction. 

The other surgical procedures that can be conducted by an obstetrician include cervical cerclage, episiotomy, and dilation and curettage. They are also skilled to use vacuums or forceps to assist in childbirth. 

  • Treats Pregnancy-Related Health Complications 

There can be various health complications during the pregnancy period which may impact fetal development and maternal health. Obstetricians properly diagnose and treat health complications for a safer delivery. 

Some of the health complications that develop during pregnancy include placental abruption, preeclampsia, morning sickness, gestational diabetes, genetic disorder, and infections.

  • Provides Postpartum Care 

Obstetricians effectively provide postpartum care to mothers for a speedy recovery. The factors that are included in the care plan are proper exercise, required maternal nutrition, infant feeding, and care measures, and contraception or birth spacing requirements. 

The doctor may also recommend you engage in postpartum follow-ups so that your physical state, mental condition and recovery rate can be determined. This measure also helps in tackling postpartum depression. 

If you are pregnant or suffering from any pregnancy-related complications then you must contact a qualified obstetrician in Siliguri. The pregnancy health specialists will provide you with the required assistance and treatment options to ensure proper maternal and fetal health. 

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