Why Do You Need Fetal Experts?

Why Do You Need Fetal Experts?


Pregnancy is a joyful time for everyone involved but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities and stress. As the mother and the child growing inside can be vulnerable during this time adequate care needs to be provided with some lifestyle changes if needed. 


Fetal experts or maternal-fetal medicine specialists are the types of doctors who help women going through complications in their pregnancy or a high-risk pregnancy. You can visit a feto expert in Siliguri to get the best diagnosis, treatment, and expert advice on how to have a healthy pregnancy. 


Most pregnancies turn out to be normal and healthy which results in successful delivery and a healthy baby but there's always a chance of pregnancy turning into a high-risk one. A high-risk pregnancy is a condition where the mother, the baby or both are at an elevated risk of health problems. 


High-risk pregnancy requires special monitoring or care throughout the pregnancy as the mother and the baby are at an increased risk of health problems before, during, or after delivery. It can be caused by many things including medical conditions present before the pregnancy or conditions developed during the pregnancy. 


Some of the factors that can make a pregnancy high risk are as follows:


  • Older age – As pregnancy has a higher chance of being risky for women older than 35.


  • Multiple babies – Pregnancy risks are always high for women going through multiple pregnancies.


  • Lifestyle choices – Addictions or bad habits like smoking, drinking, and use of illegal drugs can make a pregnancy high risk.


  • Pregnancy complications – Complications that develop during pregnancies can cause huge problems and can make it a high risk.


  • Health problems – Health problems like high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, asthma, infections, thyroid diseases and heart or blood disorders can also increase the risk of pregnancy. 


  • Pregnancy history – Having a history of pregnancy-related problems can also increase the risk of having a high-risk pregnancy especially if you’ve had one or multiple premature births as it can mean you're at an increased risk of having an early delivery. 


A fetal doctor helps and gives prenatal care for women with high-risk pregnancies while also helping mothers with health problems or complications developed during pregnancy or childbirth. They also help in checking the growth and development of the baby and perform tests to see if it's healthy. 


You should visit a feto expert in Siliguri for diagnosis, treatment, or extra care and expert advice during high-risk pregnancies. They also help check the development and health of the baby and also help identify risks and recommendations for future pregnancies.   

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