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Gynaecologist in Siliguri Dr Vinayak Das

Dr. Vinayak Das, MS (OBS & GYN)

Dr. Vinayak Das provides excellent care by using specialised cutting-edge technology. He is currently practicing at New Ramkrishna Nursing Home Clinic, Siliguri which is a renowned Nursing Home of Siliguri dedicated for Gynaecological, Maternity care etc. He is the director of New Ramakrishna Nursing Home.

Call for Appointment: +91-97332 77777

A maternal-fetal medicine specialist may be a specialist within the sector of obstetrics. They transform pre-conception counselling, particularly in preceded high-risk cases from both maternal and fetal point of view, strive prenatal tests, render nursing, and conduct surgeries. They act both as a consult during lower-risk pregnancies, and because of the primary obstetrician in, especially, high-risk pregnancies. The best feto expert in Siliguri may go closely with paediatricians or neonatologists after birth. Primatologists assist with pre-existing health concerns, also because the complications caused within the pregnancy of the expectant mother.

Why do you need to see a feto expert?

Preconception counselling

If you've got a chronic health condition or have had problems in past pregnancies, your specialist will review your medical and pregnancy history and plan a proactive and safe strategy for your next pregnancy.

Genetic screening, ultrasound and diagnostic procedure - Under the care of an MFM specialist, tests for fetal diseases, infections and genetic conditions are going to be conducted.

Pregnancy challenges

From past difficulties to underlying health restrictions owing to pregnancy loss to preterm birth, the best feto expert in Siliguri can address problems and suggest treatments to balance back the danger of your next pregnancy.

Maternal health problems

If you've got health problems like a high vital sign, heart disease, asthma or other conditions, pregnancy can exacerbate them.

Advanced maternal age

Being age 35 or older at the time of birth increases your risk of chromosome problems, and it can double the danger of anatomic fetal abnormalities. The experts address the danger for chromosome anomalies with thorough genetic counselling via ultrasound than with routine obstetric ultrasound, supplying you with your best chance of determining that your baby is normal.

Pregnancy through IVF

Conception through IVF doubles the danger of fetal heart defects. Specialized heart ultrasound exams help doctors identify abnormal findings in utero, supplying you with your best chance of improving outcomes with the assistance of a multidisciplinary team that's ready for your baby at the time of birth.

Consult with Feto expert in Siliguri

Finding the best feto expert in Siliguri

New RamkrishnaSevaSadan may be a team of highly skilled specialists and the best feto expert in Siliguri that provide the diagnosis of complications and treatment in unborn babies or fetuses. It manages both low risk and high-risk pregnancies. Our physicians have trained extensively and specifically to worry abosut high-risk pregnancies. Just know that the foremost advanced testing and treatment options available are here for you, and prepared to offer you the absolute best chance for delivering a healthy baby.