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Gynaecologist in Siliguri Dr Vinayak Das

Dr. Vinayak Das, MS (OBS & GYN)

Dr. Vinayak Das provides excellent care by using specialised cutting-edge technology. He is currently practicing at New Ramkrishna Nursing Home Clinic, Siliguri which is a renowned Nursing Home of Siliguri dedicated for Gynaecological, Maternity care etc. He is the director of New Ramakrishna Nursing Home.

Call for Appointment: +91-97332 77777

Fetal medicine may be a sub-speciality branch of obstetrics, which assesses the health and safety of an unborn child in the fetal stage. Consult the best specialist for fetal medicine in Siliguri.

  • To ensure the birth of a healthy and normal child in most cases.
  • In case if any correctable abnormality is identified in fetus in utero, steps are often taken in blast for safe delivery and correction after birth.
  • If it's been proved definitely that the unborn child may have an abnormality which is lethal or could also be related to a serious mental or physical handicap not compatible with a traditional life - an early diagnosis will ensure termination of pregnancy on the consent of oldsters to stop its squeal

In situations where the fetal wellbeing of an otherwise normal child could also be challenged thanks to maternal medical problems or growth-related issues in fetus, appropriate timely intervention may ensure an honest outcome of pregnancy.

Role of a fetal medicine specialist

Fetal medicine is now an integral part of all obstetric patients - low or high risk. Thus, the best fetal medicine specialist in Siligurimakes sure the healthiest pregnancy possible for you and your baby.

  • Application of Fetal medicine could also be screening, Diagnostic or therapeutic.
  • Screening in Fetal medicine applies Biochemical (Serum Based Tests) and Biophysical (USG) Methods alongside appropriate history.
  • Diagnostic tests involve Cytogenetic and biology tests in fetal tissue samples obtained by Invasive methods
  • Therapeutic Interventions are usually invasive and their role is ever increasing.

Our evaluation and management of high-risk pregnancies include comprehensive care and medical services for mothers and their unborn babies. Our maternal-fetal medicine physicians have undergone advanced training in fetal evaluation and in-utero diagnostic and treatment procedures. They need advanced training within the evaluation and management of mothers with medical conditions which will impact or be suffering from pregnancy.

Consult with Fetal Medicine Specialist in Siliguri

Finding the best fetal medicine specialist in Siliguri

New RamkrishnaSevaSadan offers an entire range of health care services for ladies and babies including:
  • Comprehensive prenatal care through our network of physicians
  • A warm, home-like birthing centre
  • High-risk pregnancy looks after those experiencing complications
  • Dedicated obstetrical operating services
  • Advanced neonatal medical care with certified neonatologists on-site
  • A complement of educational classes on childbirth and parenting

We offer state of the art services and work alongside your obstetrician to manage the complications and limit the risks. Once you learn that you simply may have specialized pregnancy care, the fetal medicine specialist in Siliguriat New RamkrishnaSevaSadam stand able to meet your unique needs. Our experienced physicians, nurses and staff work together as a team to supply you and your baby with top quality, compassionate care.