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The neonatal intensive care unit or NICU is a facility in the hospitals that provides round-the-clock service to newborn babies. In most cases, the babies are transferred to the NICU within 24 hours of birth so that specialized care can be provided through a team of experts.

If you're pregnant and have some serious health complications that can lead to delivery issues and health conditions in the baby, then you must visit a hospital with the best NICU facility in Siliguri. The NICU facilities will help to provide your baby with the best neonatal care for early recovery and growth. New Ramkrishna Seva Sadan is a renowned hospital in Siliguri that has a specialized neonatology department for babies with trained physicians.

When Do You Need A NICU?

  • Maternal Health Complications : If the mother has any high-risk factors such as diabetes, advanced maternal age, STDs, hypertension, and issues with amniotic fluid then it also imposes certain risks to the baby and increases the chances of requiring NICU facility.
  • Delivery Issues : Certain complications during the delivery procedure including the umbilical cord wrapped around the neck of the baby and changes in the organ system due to low levels of oxygen can also make NICU necessary for the baby.
  • Health Condition Of the Babies : Most newborn babies require NICU facilities because of certain health conditions. Some of the common health conditions include anemia, breathing problems, apnea, pneumonia, respiratory distress syndrome, jaundice, sepsis, and heart defects.
  • Low Birth Weight : If the birth weight of the baby is less than 2,500 grams or 8 ounces then the baby will be requiring the assistance of the NICU facility. Premature birth is the main reason behind low birth weight where the baby is kept in ventilation until proper weight is gained.
  • Preterm Birth : If the gestational age of the baby is less than 37 weeks then the baby will be kept under special care in an NICU. It will help in tracking the health condition of the infant 24/7 since preterm birth can cause underdevelopment of some of the organs.
Best Maternity Hospital in Siliguri

Why Choose New Ramkrishna Seva Sadan?

Ramkrishna Seva Sadan is a reputed gynecological and neonatal hospital in Siliguri that has advanced departments of neonatology and pediatrics. This helps in providing 24/7 assistance to infants with patient-centered care.

  • Neonatal Ventilator
  • Radiant Warmers
  • Trained Physicians
  • Neonatal ICU
  • Bubble C-cup
  • Central Oxygen Supply
  • Syringe Pumps
  • Paediatric Monitor

You can book an appointment at this advanced multi-specialty nursing home by calling +91 80160 84200 /+91 97332 77777. The best NICU facility in Siliguri of New Ramkrishna Seva Sadan will surely ensure the proper well-being of your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, most of the intensive care units allow their parents to touch their babies, and depending upon the health condition of the baby, you can either be directed to directly breastfeed the baby or express milk will be used to feed the baby.


A qualified and experienced neonatologist will take care of your baby by prescribing medications and monitoring health challenges. Along with this, dedicated nurses will also track the health condition of the baby day and night.


The machine helps in monitoring the health condition of the baby. It helps in checking the heartbeat, oxygen saturation, and pulse rate of the baby where the baby may also need IV lines or respiratory equipment depending upon the health condition.


You must always wash your hands properly and wear clean clothes before visiting the NICU. If you're sick or have a fever then you must avoid going to the NICU. It is also crucial to wear a mask and gloves to minimize the risk of exposing the baby to germs.


The stay of the baby depends upon the health condition. It may take a few months or even a month to cure the condition of the baby. The care team will monitor the baby thoroughly to see the health progress before discharging.