Gynecologist Guide – 5 Fertility Vitamins That Help You To Conceive

Gynecologist Guide – 5 Fertility Vitamins That Help You To Conceive


For a healthy pregnancy, your body not only needs a healthy diet but a wide range of Vitamins that help to boost your fertility. Whether male or female, fertility issues can’t be taken lightly as they may hamper your parenthood journey.

A successful marriage becomes complete when you have a complete family. Without a baby a family is incomplete. To help out the fertility issues regarding gynecology, you can simply consult with your best gynecologist in Siliguri and discuss your issues.

You have to understand that, whether it’s gynecology or fertility issues, both are common but can have serious effects, if you are left untreated or neglected. In our body, reproductive organs play a crucial part during pregnancy.

Therefore, taking care of good personal hygiene can simply help you to overcome your issues without any risks. Talk to your doctor about your issues and take a note about the following Vitamins that will surely help your pregnancy journey become successful.

5 Fertility Vitamins That Boost Your Pregnancy

1) Folic Acid

This is a form of vitamin B9, which is used to prevent pregnancy complications and blood deficiency. Foods such as leafy vegetables, asparagus, beans, yeast, certain fruits, orange juice, tomato juice, okra, mushrooms, animal liver, and kidney all are contained folic acid.

The supplement of Folic acid is also very useful which is often used with the combination of other B vitamins and very useful to treat conditions like depression, stroke, and others.

2) Vitamin E

One of the important vitamins required to dissolve in fat and acts as an anti-aging antioxidant. It is very useful for premenstrual syndrome (PMS), fertility problems, blood disorders, menstrual cramps, and treating vitamin E deficiency.

Good sources of vitamin E can be found in vegetable oils, cereals, meat, poultry, eggs, fruits, and wheat germ oil, etc. Vitamin E is also an essential nutrient for ovaries. Apart from that, it helps to improve your egg quality, which helps you to conceive.

3) Vitamin D

This is an essential vitamin that helps to build your bones strong and also helps your body absorb calcium. Foods that provide vitamin D are the following:

  • Fatty fish
  • Dairy products
  • Orange juice
  • Soy milk
  • Cereals
  • Cheese
  • Egg yolks

This is also essential for the development of healthy hormones, menstrual cycle, and for balance pregnancy.

4) Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3s are the key nutrients that help to keep your heart, lungs, blood vessels, brain, and immune system healthy and working. Fish, eggs, meats, dairy products, walnuts, soybeans, and green vegetables are the key sources of Omega 3 which helps to improve your fertility, especially egg quality so that you can conceive fast.

5) Selenium

Selenium is very useful for women who have miscarriages. Brazil nuts, tuna fish, rice, beans, and whole-wheat bread are selenium-rich foods, especially essential for you if you are pregnant and have immunity disorder, thyroid diseases, or cancer.

Adding selenium to your diet can improve your fertility, immune system, muscle, hair growth. Doctors often called selenium a super-vitamin that is very useful for fertility and pregnancy.

If you are ready to start family planning, don't forget to consult with your obstetrician in Siliguri as they are highly experienced in case of high-risk pregnancy. Not every woman has a high-risk pregnancy, but you will find no better options than an obstetrician to avoid such risks.

Remember that, taking vitamins more than your body required can have opposite effects on your body, therefore it is always advised to discuss your health issues with a doctor and then as per his/her guideline, you will add those vitamins to your diet or can start taking supplements as per needed.

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